Why are no ads showing on the website?

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There could be multiple reasons why this is happening:

- You may have to wait for a few hours for ads to show up from the time you implemented the code on your website. It can take up to 24 hrs for the code to go live in some cases.

- The country you expect ad coverage from may not be supported by Affinity.

- Make sure that our code is appearing on your site’s pages. To check this, review the HTML code for your pages:
If you’re using Firefox: right-click your mouse and select view page source. If you’re using Internet Explorer: right click and select view source. By using the “find” functionality of the page with HTML code (Ctrl+F), type the word “ph.affinity” (no quote marks). You should see the code right before the closing body tag (</body), at the very bottom of the HTML code. If you do not see our code in your HTML, this is the reason why ads are not showing up on your website. Please contact your Webmaster or programmer to ensure that the Affinity code was added correctly to your page’s HTML.
If you are still unable to determine why no ads are showing up, please contact us on pubsupport@affinity.com.