I have created Campaigns but I don’t see any Impressions/Clicks?

Here are few pointers that you need to check:

  • Check and confirm that the desired Campaigns and the Ad Groups within them are Active.
  • Ensure that you have added relevant Keywords for your Ads, as the Keywords that lead to trigger your Ads (especially for Keyword or CPC based Campaign).
  • If you are a Prepaid account holder, your Ads will NOT be served unless you have funds in your account. Kindly refer to the Adding Funds article for details on the same. Postpaid account holders need to check with their Account Managers if the Monthly Account Budget & Credit Limit has been defined for their account. If you have exhausted your Monthly Account Budget, you can request your Account Manager to increase the same.
  • Make sure that Bids applied at Ad Group and/or Keywords levels are NOT too low.
  • Confirm if you have added Sources for the Ad Groups.