How can I add Keywords for my Ad Group?

Help Center >> Keywords >> How can I add Keywords for my Ad Group?

1. Login to your Advertiser Console.

2. Click Campaign >> Ad Group.

3. The message – You have not added any Keywords. Let’s get you started. Add keywords – is displayed if NO Keywords have been added for your Campaign. To add more keywords, click Create/Add >> Keywords.

4. Here you have the following options: Add Keywords and Bulk Upload.

Add Keywords:

1. Type your Keywords with the desired match type. You can also specify the Max Bid and/or Target URL. Ensure you provide the Keyword using the appropriate format for various match types.

2. You can enter multiple Keywords as Comma Separate Values (CSV) or each keyword on a new line.

3. Click Add To Basket.

4. Keyword Basket: At a time you can add 1000 Keywords to your Campaigns. At any time to delete a Keyword from the Keyword Basket, click on ‘X’ button next to that Keyword itself. If you wish to delete ALL the Keywords currently in the Keyword Basket, click on the link ‘Clear Basket’.

5. Click Save & Next lets you save all your Keywords and gives you the option to Save & Add More Keywords or Save & Continue to Sources – which allows you to add Sources to your Campaign.

Bulk Upload:

This feature allows you to upload your keyword list in XLS or CSV format. You can bulk upload your keywords in either of the 2 formats depicted in the bulk upload section. You can also download the XLS/CSV templates from the above formats.