Creating a Campaign

Help Center >> Campaigns >> Creating a Campaign

1. Login to your Advertiser Console.

2. The message – You have not created any Campaigns. Let’s get you started. Create Campaign – is displayed if NO Campaigns have been created. To create more Campaigns, click Create Campaign.

3. Select the Campaign type.

4. Key in the values to below fields:

  • Campaign Name: The Campaign Name should be unique within the same Advertiser Account. Also Campaign Name can be maximum 30 chars long including space. Hyphen ‘-‘and underscore ‘_’ are the only special characters that are allowed with your Campaign Name.
  • Daily Budget: Minimum daily budget for Keyword and Category Campaigns is $10. Whereas the minimum daily budget for RON Campaigns is $50.
  • Delivery %: This setting allows you to set the rate at which your ad shows up to the desired audience. By default – Delivery is 100%, if you set Delivery to 50% your ads will show up only for 50% of the searches. Thereby, allowing you to space out delivery throughout a day or in case your testing your Campaign.
  • Start Date: When you wish for the Campaign to commence, so you can launch your Campaign on the same date or any future date.
  • End Date: Lets you control how long your Campaign runs by setting an end date. In case you wish to target sales for special occasions or festive seasons only, you need to select the end date after which your Campaign Ad’s will not be served.
  • No End Date: On the other hand, if want your Campaign to run indefinitely, select this option. If your account type is Prepaid, then selecting this option will show your Campaign Ad’s until you expend your Monthly Account Budget or Funds Available – whichever gets spent first. Whereas, for Postpaid account then selecting this option will show your Campaign Ad’s until you reach the Monthly Account Budget set by your Account Manager.
  • Target Locations: Here you need to select the Countries you wish to target your product and services.

5. Click Save & Next lets you save your Campaign and takes you to the next step of creating an Ad Group.


  • You can turn Off/On a Campaign at any time, regardless of its end date, by clicking ‘Off’ button next to the Campaign Name on the Campaign’s summary page.
  • If you have created a future dated Campaign it will go live only on specified Start Date.