Titles, Descriptions & Display URLs Guidelines

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  • Titles and Descriptions must accurately represent the product or service with which the Ad is associated; and such product or service (including any particular level of service) must be immediately apparent in the Title or Description.
  • Titles, Descriptions and URLs must contain words and/or ideas that are relevant to the Keyword(s) or Keyword phrase(s) that will be chosen by Advertiser in the Ad Targeting Options.
  • Descriptions may consist of no more than four sentences and must contain proper spelling, capitalization and punctuation.
  • Words in all capitals are not permitted unless they are internationally recognized acronyms such as but not limited to “VCR” or “ICANN” or they are trademarked terms registered in that typographical style.
  • Special typographical characters, punctuation marks, or symbols may not be used in the place of words or in place of letters within words (for example, “$$ Back” or “Ca$h Back” instead of “Cash Back”), nor may they be repeated excessively to indicate emphasis (for example, “Earn ***Thousands*** of Dollars a Day!!!”).
  • Excessive punctuation may not be used to indicate emphasis.
  • Call-to-action phrases in Titles and Descriptions must be specific to the particular product or service being advertised (for example, use “Start Your Subscription Today!” and not the generic “Click Here!”).
  • Ads must be clearly marked with the company, product, or brand that is being advertised.
  • Products or services that are promoted in the Ad must be directly available on the landing page.