Subscription Services

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This section applies only to advertisements for subscription-based services (“Subscription Services”).

Ads for Subscription Services must comply with the terms below and as determined by Affinity in its sole discretion. “Subscription Services” may include websites that promote downloading ringtones, games, or other entertainment services or any other website that induces an end user to sign up for recurring billing for a product or service.

  • The Ad must clearly state what action or set of actions is required to qualify for the offer. For example, if the end user must subscribe to a service, the service and offer requirements must both be stated in the Ad.
  • The recurring subscription must be consistent with what is promoted in the Description.
  • At a minimum, the advertised website must clearly and accurately display the price and billing interval (such as per week or once per month) on the landing page and on any page that prompts the end user for Personally Identifiable Information or billing information (including, but not limited to, mobile phone number or credit card number).
  • If end users sign up for the service by transmitting a code by text message, the price and billing interval must be clearly and prominently displayed beside the code.
  • The advertised website must also provide a prominent opt-in mechanism on the page where the end user enters their Personally Identifiable Information indicating that the end user knowingly accepts the price and subscription, and the user should not be able to proceed without opting in.
  • All of the afore mentioned items should be easy to – find, read, and understand.