• Ads must not contain or link directly or indirectly to a website that contains spyware/malware downloads, whether initiated automatically or manually by the user, or any other auto-initiated downloads.
  • Ads cannot contain or link to a site that facilitates or promotes:
    1. The collection of demographic and usage information from an end user’s computer without that end user’s express consent;
    2. The collection or request of any usernames or passwords from any end user;
    3. Any software that results in an unexpected end user experience, including but not limited to software which
      1. “sneaks” onto an end user’s system and performs activities hidden to that end user,
      2. may alter, harm, disable or replace any hardware or software installed on an end user’s computer without express permission from that end user,
      3. is bundled as a hidden component of other software whether free or for fee,
      4. automatically downloads,
      5. presents any download dialog boxes without an end user’s express action, or
      6. may violate or infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, patent or any other proprietary right.