Landing pages / Destination URLs

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  • Ads that contain a URL or domain in the Description or body of the Ad must link to that same URL or domain.
  • Ads for the sale of products or other e-commerce transactions must clearly indicate on the face of the Ad itself and on the landing page to which it links that a product is being sold.
  • Ads must send all end users to the same landing page when the Ad is clicked.
  • Landing pages cannot generate a pop-up (including “pop-overs” and “pop-unders”) when an end user enters or leaves the page.
  • Landing pages cannot use “fake” close behaviors that mimic the closing or exiting of a website.
  • Landing pages cannot utilize “mouse trapping” whereby the Advertiser does not allow end users to use their browser’s “back button” and traps them on a particular webpage or website.
  • Landing pages cannot present any other unexpected behavior (including but not limited to navigation to another advertisement or webpage).
  • Advertisers may only require end users to submit Personally Identifiable Information (such as name, date of birth, phone numbers, social security number, physical addresses, or email addresses) on a landing page if:
    1. Such information is required to enable an e-commerce transaction; or
    2. The end user has expressly consented to the Advertiser’s collection of such information, and they have given their legal authorization for the Advertiser to contact them using such information.
  • Advertisers cannot require end users to submit any Personally Identifiable Information on, in or via the Ad itself.