Creating an Ad

Help Center >> Ads >> Creating an Ad

1. Login to your Advertiser Console.

2. Click Campaign >> Ad Group >> Ads tab.

3. The message – You have not created any Ads. Let’s get you started. Create Ad – is displayed if NO Ads exist under your Ad Group. To add more Ads, click Create/Add >> Ad.

4. Key in the values to below fields:

  • Ad Title: Your Ad Title can be maximum up to 35 characters long including spaces.
  • Ad Description: The description for your Ad can be maximum up to 100 characters long including spaces.
  • Display URL: This can be maximum up to 35 characters including spaces.
  • Target URL: The landing page URL can be maximum up to 1024 characters long including spaces and of the ‘http://’ OR ‘https://’ depending on the users selection from drop down.

Note: Do NOT include ‘http://’ or ‘https://’ while entering your Target URL.

Sample Ad:

Looking for SEM services?

Find SEM services at Affinity.

  • Ad Preview: Shows you a preview of how your Ad will actually appear while being served.
  • Add: Allows you to add the newly created Ad to the Ad Basket.
  • Ad Basket: At a time, you can add maximum 10 new Ads to an Ad Group. At any time to delete an Ad, click on “X” button next to the Ad itself in the Ad Basket. If you wish to delete ALL Ads currently in your Ad Basket, click on the link “Clear Basket“.

5. Click Save & Next lets you save your Ad and takes you to the next step of adding Keywords to your Campaign.

What are Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic Ads change elements of your Ad dynamically based on the users search query. This is done with the use of dynamic keyword parameters within the Ad text. This feature is extremely useful for Campaigns/Ad Groups with large number of keywords relating to different verticals. By creating dynamic Ads you can do away with creating unique Ads for each keyword or vertical.

Your Ads will be served to the users based on the matched or searched keywords.

Creating Dynamic Ads

There are two types of dynamic keyword parameters:

1. {mkw} – Here the dynamic parameter “{mkw}” will be replaced by the keyword that’s matches the users searched query.

2. {skw} – Here the dynamic parameter “{skw}” will be replaced by the users searched term upon matching a keyword from the Campaign/Ad Group.

To create a dynamic Ad you have the option to insert the dynamic keyword parameters, in your Ad Title, Ad Description and Target URL. Dynamic Ads are optional; you can have a standard Ad copy without the use of dynamic keywords as well.

Let’s look at a sample dynamic Ad:

Ad Title: Looking for {mkw:something}? *(35 Characters including spaces)*

Ad Description: Find {skw:everything} at Affinity at great prices! *(100 Chars including spaces)*

Display URL: *(35 Chars including spaces)*

Target URL:{mkw}&sid={tsid}

The sample Ad illustrates the use of the dynamic keyword parameter in the Ad Title, Ad Description & Target URL: – “mkw:something}” and “{skw:everything}”.

If the dynamic keyword is too long and exceeds the number of allowed characters for the fields Ad Title and Ad Description; then the keyword will be replaced by the default replacement keyword. Hence, it is compulsory that you provide a replacement keyword which will be used in such instances.

If you were to have “Shoes” as a keyword on broad match for your Campaign and a user searches for “White Shoes” and you’ve selected the “mkw” option then the user would see the Ad as:

Looking for Shoes?
Shoes at Affinity at great prices!

Similarly, for “skw” the user would see the Ad as:

Looking for White Shoes?
Find White Shoes at Affinity at great prices.