About AdChoices

The AdChoices Icon is designed to provide consumers with enhanced information and choices about how and when data is collected or used to serve ads targeted to them based on their likely interests (online behavioral advertising). The AdChoices icon will appear on sites (Publishers) that use Affinity’s Publisher Solutions to display ads through Remarketing or Interest-Category Marketing. These ads are usually based on the content of the page that a consumer is viewing and on the information collected from various websites that were previously visited by the consumer, thereby depicting their interests.Most of these ads are served through Affinity’s Advertiser Network, but in some instances, the ads may also be served by Google. In the instance that the ads are served by Google, and you prefer that these ads not be based on your interests & demographics, please opt out here Ads Preferences Manager.

Who Served This Ad?

  • If you arrived on this page after clicking on the AdChoices icon in an online advertisement, Affinity served the ad on behalf of the advertiser.

Learn More About Affinity’s Privacy Policies

  • For more information about how Affinity collects and uses information, please visit our privacy policy page.

Learn More About Online Behavioral Advertising

  • You may visit this page to learn more about the network advertising initiative. You can also find more information about online behavioral advertising here.

Policy Violation

  • If you noticed a policy violation with the website displaying an ad or the advertisement itself, please contact us.