Creating an Ad Group

Help Center >> Ad Groups >> Creating an Ad Group

1. Login to your Advertiser Console.

2. Click the desired Campaign – under which you wish you want to create the Ad Group.

3. The message – You have not created any Ad Groups. Let’s get you started. Create Ad Group – is displayed if NO Ad Groups exist for your Campaign. To add more Ad Groups, click Create/Add >> Ad Group.

4. Key in the values to below fields:

  • Ad Group Name: The Ad Group name should be unique within a Campaign. Also Ad Group name can be maximum 30 chars long including space. Hyphen ‘-‘and underscore ‘_’ are the only special characters that are allowed with your Ad Group Name.
  • Max Bid: The maximum amount you’re willing to pay for every click.
  • Start Date: When you wish for the campaign to commence, so you can launch your Campaign on the same date or any future date.
  • End Date: Lets you control how long a particular Ad Group within a Campaign runs by setting its end date.
  • No End Date: On the other hand, if want a Ad Group within your Campaign to run indefinitely, select this option. If your account type is Prepaid, then selecting this option will show your Campaign Ad’s until you expend your Monthly Budget/Current Balance – whichever gets spent first. Whereas, for Postpaid account then selecting this option will show your Campaign Ad’s until you reach the Credit Limit/Monthly Budget set by your Account Manager.

5. Click Save & Next lets you save your Ad Group and takes you to the next step of adding Ads to this Ad Group.


  • You can turn Off/On an Ad Group within a Campaign at any time, regardless of its end date, by clicking ‘Off’ button next to the Ad Group Name on the Ad Group’s summary page.
  • If you have created a future dated Ad Group it will go live only on specified Start Date.