Account Types

There are 2 types of Advertiser accounts – Prepaid and Postpaid.

By default when you sign up, your Advertiser account is set up as a Prepaid account – Your campaigns will NOT run until funds are added to your account.

You can request for your account to be upgraded to a Postpaid account by contacting your Account Manager. Your Account Manager will process this request once you revert with the Credit Application Form provided by us. As per our policy, we verify your credit history and other factors before fulfilling your request.

NOTE: Monthly Account Budget for a Postpaid account is decided by your Account Manager. This limit may vary per account and may be increased/decreased over a span of time by the Account Manager.
Your request to convert to a Postpaid account will be processed based upon criteria like tenure of your association with us, your account’s business volume and its turnover. Payment terms for Postpaid accounts is set to Net 15 basis i.e. Payment has to be made by the account holder on the 15th of every month – for the outstanding amount of the previous month.